EQ for Spiritual Leaders: Self-Awareness

self awarenessDaniel Goleman defines self-awareness as “knowing one’s strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and impact on others.”[i]  In his research and writings on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), leaders high in this emotional competency are more effective and successful than those who are less aware of their impact on others. In this podcast series, Paul Richardson, author of A Certain Risk, and Mike O’Quin, author of Growing Desperate, unpack all five of Goleman’s EQ categories, and this first one is a foundation stone. “How do people experience me?” is a challenging and profound question…

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EQ for Spiritual Leaders (Part Two)

[i] What Makes a Leader? Goleman, Daniel. 1998, Harvard Business Review, pp. 1-13.


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  2. Hey Min Sik…so glad you are enjoying these conversations!  I will try to post a new one every Monday!

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