Loved Beyond Measure

I opened up a note from Ben, a close friend of mine, who lives in West Africa. His words and reflections from Brennan Manning inspired me so deeply, and spoke so profoundly into this moment of my life. I want to pass this treasure on "into" to you as we all prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Easter.   …

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Morning Prayer

READING IN TODAY’S NEWS, One of the 29 people trapped in a New Zealand coal mine is a teenage boy who’d only been on the job for an hour when an explosion rocked the mine. Joseph Dunbar had celebrated his 17th birthday last Thursday, according to news reports from New Zealand. His mother, Philippa Timms, …

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Running in Church

I was a bored and fidgeting six-year-old, attending a special program at our local Baptist church.  My older sister sat on my left and our neighborhood friend Russell Brooks sat on my right.  We stared ahead at the churchy proceedings and I asked Russell what the tank of water was in back of the stage. …

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KIERKEGAARD WROTE that, “Christianity does not at all emphasize the idea of earthly beauty …” When I read this statement, I was at first left to wonder how such a brilliant mind could write something so off target. He had to be wrong. I began to read once again through the Bible, particularly the Psalms, looking to prove Kierkegaard’s error. Eventually I had to close my eyes and think for awhile. Slowly I began to grasp Kierkegaard’s words.

Taking the Stage

WHEN I WAS AN 8TH GRADER, OUR SCHOOL’S DRAMA TEACHER suggested that I try out for the school play. I signed up and was given a part. My role was to carry a ladder onto the stage, climb to the top, and pretend to change a light bulb. From atop that ladder I was to speak two lines.

WEEKS BEFORE THE PLAY, my imagination began to conjure up disastrous scenarios.