Eternal Ripples of Hope

By David Arcos

GUEST CONTRIBUTER to FaithActivators
We are eternal ripples of hope.  We are road signs for the wanderer. We are those that weapon ourselves with brush and baton with bow and camera.  We are the poets that splash images of beauty and breath. Like rescue workers we carve through fallen mines, dispelling glory so that darkness will not consume our friends.  

Gleams of light, flickers of promise.  

We are image makers, window washers, we are storytellers whose riddle and moral triumphs death itself.  We are prophets speaking color and shade, language of divinity.  We tickle, prod and pull through eyes of needles.  We woo a planet of pain with mirrors and play.  We dance on tears and tongues until they cry mercy!  Crowd, audience, mob we trap them all by spirit and prop. In defiance the human heart like a stallion stands untouched and untamed.  Emotion is his name and we, masters of the ride, approach undaunted, resolved to meet our calling.  We are the few that ride him, for we were created to.  And with harnessed strength we steer him into the invisible land of hope.
We create and tape heaven to earth.  We frame our reels for the blind watchers and waiters. We make sense, awaken souls with peep holes, and mysteries.  We are seers.  Who Xerox originals from the very dreams of God.  We live for the seeker, the looker, the peeker.  

We bleed and our paint can is full.  

We cry and our songs illuminate old screams and memorized yearnings.  We are life amplified and questioned.  We are faith on canvas.  We bind up wounds with pictures and pull drowners with black notes.  We are fierce with imagination. Hunting souls like hidden treasure chests.  We travel worlds to find just the right key.  We are the reminder to this earth that God plays.  We are ARTISTs and we are eternal ripples of hope.  

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