So…what is a Faith Activator?

Apostle Paul stood in the Areopagus and said that God arranges our lives so that we will seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.  For in him we live and move and have our being. I have good news for you. The One who created you is within reach.  Perhaps God has even been gently tapping on the front door of your soul. Today his voice is heard. He says, “My child, I have imagined your beautiful face and loved you since before creation. I have created you to live and move and have your being in ME.”


Come along with us into the Kingdom of Light.  Wander through the halls of Hebrews eleven. We will reach out to the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Daniel.  Their God was unconfined.  He was in their faces. He was their Creator God, and he was intimately infused into every aspect of their consciousness. He was their strength, their vision, their hope, and their reason for getting out of bed every morning. Because they lived with an activated faith rather than a passive acknowledgment of a distant God, their lives were characterized by movement, courage, compassion, a willingness to suffer, and a radical obedience to the lover of their souls.


Faith activators are people whose intimacy with God surges into every aspect of their lives. Because God lives in them, they find the courage to create something beautiful where there was once darkness, fear, and confusion.  Faith activators are those rare and remarkable people who build, shape, innovate, color, design and compose the music of life out of the silence around them.  In the place of darkness, they build a city on a hill.  In the echoes of despair, they rise up with hope.  Where there is illiteracy, the faith activators design solutions and people learn how to read.  When thirsty people call out for water, faith activators find a way for them to drink.  Where there are gangs killing each other in the streets, faith activators are peace creators. Like a heat seeking missile, the faith activator searches out ways to carry the hope of Jesus to their world. 


The faith activator is a woman who one day wakes up and realizes that fifteen years ago she made the biggest mistake of her life when she said I do to the laziest, most insensitive and selfish slouch on the face of the earth.  She acknowledges that her marriage is so pathetic and miserable that she would almost die if it weren’t for their beautiful children.  Then, instead of retreating into her own passive dream world, or having an affair, she creates a strategy.  She finds a way to take action.  She discovers that she has an imagination that is capable of designing 99 paths toward hope.  She ventures deep into the world of belief.  She digs down deep to find the courage and faith to become the wife that her Creator had in mind.


Faith activators sleep peacefully.  They wake up to their dreams rather than from them. The faith activator is the leader who is entrusted with a dying organization.  Four years later that organization has been recreated into a fountain of hope, an alliance of united people who trample injustice. The faith activator is the executive who returns home from an exhausting day at work and notices that the trash needs to be taken out.  He walks to the trash, picks it up, and carries it outside without even blinking.  The faith activator is the couple who is told by their fertilization specialist that they are incapable of having children.  Twenty one months later they are holding their precious and beautiful Korean daughter in their arms.


All of these people share more in common than most of us realize.  They don’t shrink back in the face of resistance.  They each acknowledge their challenges and respond to them with courage, using their magnificent minds that their Creator planted within them to strategize and implement solutions. 


Here at, Mike and I are two neophytes in a quest to live a real faith, a faith that unites us with a real God who lives and breathes and moves and works his miracles in real time. No question about it, we are a couple of freshmen in this course of faith. But come, Lord, breathe in us. Give us the aroma of Christ. We desire to be your voices of hope, life, and light in our generation. And we simply want to invite anyone to join us in this quest.  Spirit of God, breathe eternal wind into our souls; awaken our minds.  Ignite our lives with your blazing fire.


Let’s embark on a journey that brings us face to face with choices.  How will we choose to think?  What will we choose to believe?  How will we respond?  This journey will demand our rebirth, transformation, and awakening, as God gently confronts some widely held mind habits that religious people tend to cling to.  They are mind habits that render us pathetic, spoiled children without nuance, depth or imagination.  We will increasingly grasp the correlation between our Pharisaical strongholds and the scarcity of creativity in the cavernous echo chambers of religion.  These strongholds are safety handles that impede us from rising into God’s creativity to propel hope and life into a lost and desperate world.  


Along the way we will taste of a moving love story.  That is, the story of our Creator and His immeasurable love for his masterpieces.  We have always heard that God is Love.  It is time to step forward into this dizzying dimension.  We are going to reach out into the universe of the Creator’s love, sinking down to the roots of our souls.  My prayer is that you and I become rooted and established in love, that we will have the power to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge, that we may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God! (Eph.3:17-19)

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  1. Wow, just watched Pastor Craig from Life Church and was wondering what he ment by an activator. This is cool and right on time as i have experienced Gods full power the last couple weeks.

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