Why I Wrote This Book

I’m a desperate man. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I do think the way you and I sometimes feel about desperate people (avoid them) is way different than how Jesus feels about desperate people (they attract Him). I started writing this book out of desperate places in my own life, when my …

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Interview with Paul on 100 Huntley Street (part two)

Here is part two of a powerful interview with Paul Richardson which he recently did on the Canadian TV show, "100 Huntley Street."  In it he tells the harrowing tale of his son's drowning in 1999, miraculous healing and a subsequent encounter with God.  He also talks about the vision for quality Christian eduction that …

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Rope’s End

It was 1 AM on Tuesday, June 6th at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Baggage Carousel Number Eight, when we came to our rope’s end. Our family of six had just been traveling over a gruelling, 36-hour cross-Pacific Ocean trip from Malang, Indonesia to New Orleans, Louisiana (via Surabaya, via Hong Kong, via Los Angeles, via …

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Desperately Searching

It was the last show of the day, and it finished right at park closing time. My young family along with my in-laws had just enjoyed a theatrical production of The Lion King at Disney World’s newly opened park, Animal Kingdom. We strapped our baby girl in her stroller, gathered up all our bags and trinkets and geared up for the exiting process.

As we made our way toward the exits, a concession worker from a corn dog stand came out and offered the passer-by’s free corn dogs. I love corn dogs! My father-in-law and I scooped up as many as we could for a convenient dinner as throngs of people streamed past us toward the exits.

One for you. Here you go. One for you. One for you. Hey, where’s Caleb? Caleb? Caleb? Has anyone seen Caleb?…

Raising of the Cross

Rembrandt is considered by some to be the greatest of all artists in the history of western civilization. Any way we look at him, he is a timeless giant in the arenas of creative expression. Rembrandt was a master of painting light and blending color. As one looks at a Rembrandt, it is easy to marvel at his talent. Yet we must look behind his paintings, beyond the museum walls into his life. First, Rembrandt and his wife, Saskia, experienced the excruciating death of