LIFE – by Dan Coombs

Here’s my imperative:

If you would dare to live that epic narrative that is your life,

Than your task is to grasp with every last gasp of breath in your lungs for that one rung that’s hung just above what’s comfortable and comforting.

Confront the thing that’s keeping you thinking you can sit on your butt

 and watch life come to you.

‘Cus the only way to place in this race is to make yourself reach for each single inch.

It’s the difference between sitting in indifference and living with intention.

Did I mention you gotta run even when nobody’s lookin’?

That’s the way they can say you can make or break the game in the off season.

It’s the reason that most of the day is lame and mundane. That arcane fact that to act like every second is a chance catch a glimpse of the Almighty; that already you’re in a place to chase the thing you’ve seen in that scene in between your dreams and your daily routine that you know is so much more rewarding than what you’re living for.

So own the moment. ‘Cus it’s not the way they frame the shot or light the set or get you lost in the plot with a lot of complex dialog, or the stock box office cinematography, the casting, the acting, the corporate backing, or the sound track it’s the fact that

Life was made to be epic!

It’s the way we were made by a great and amazing Creator

The one who instilled in us still wills for us the thrill of adventure.

The one who can satisfy and gratify the desire I find inside my mind.

Who defines the line that guides my life and defies the lie that denies my right to live in freedom.

‘Cus his Kingdom is all about justice and just as he came to save the slave and heal the lame and cast out evil spirits in His name,

he came to take away the sinful stain of my shame.

To ransom me, reward me handsomely for doing nothing.

I’m in a place where I’m faced with grace I can’t fathom. But I’ve been bought by God and taught that while the thought that I could’ve gotten what I sought for on my own is just crazy, that maybe this is what I was made for:

To strive, to give, to breathe, to live each day as if it mattered and though beaten and battered, reach the end and know that this is life lived to the full.

To fully throw my soul into a story more holy than my own, to own a piece of history,

To know the thrill of victory,

To go for broke towards his glory,

through His story, not my own.

by Dan Coombs

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