Thank you so much for your prayers fore me as I spoke at the World Mandate conference at Baylor University. I was in awe of the thousands of American college students who are outragiously passionate for God and the hundreds who stepped forward to commit themselves to advance his kingdom cross culturally. This generation inspires me to the core. Yes, there are those kids whose souls seem to have melted away into video games and other manifestations of their own made-up universes. But this generation has a powerful and explosive movement of kids who have rejected materialism and all the other empty promises of this world and have focused their eyes on Jesus and his kingdom alone.


Back in Indonesia, our Charis students held elections for leadership roles this week. The Charis vision statement is “Shaping Future Leaders.” A value for leadership is pervasive in the curriculum and ethos. So when there is an opportunity to rise up to a leadership challenge, a great majority of our students venture into the fray. The teachers then vote for a handful of students who can qualify for elections. This year, for this first time, the four finalists were all girls. Ive had three of them in my classes, and they are each already magificent leaders who have strong character and a bold love for Jesus. These girls are world changers. They make the 13 years that we have lived in Indonesia fully worth it. Young men and women like this are the future of the movement of Jesus in Indonesia. They are already beginning to reshape the ethos of the church.


Before giving their speeches, the candidates shared hugs and encouraging words for each other.


Election day is a pretty big deal. The entire student population enjoys and speeches and listens carefully to every word.



Veve’s campaign poster was clear, visually attractive and persuasive.



She is now our Student Body President.

Paul Andrew Richardson

Develop Leaders. Empower a Generation. Transform Nations.

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