I Shall Live to Live Again

Today I sifted through some nostalgic papers and photos my mom kept when she was still alive on this earth. I came across this ode to the Creator, written by my uncle Dave, who also wrote the hit song “Wildflower.” This is one of those rare poems that deserves to be relished; ever so slowly, like a hot drink on a windy night as rain batters the window.


The Beneficiary

By Dave Richardson


Will I ever be entitled to the knowledge that you hold?

For I thirst and I am starving in my mind,

And though I am secure within the future of my soul,

There are histories my heart has yet to find.


How did it all begin, from the void you live within?

Through eternities where none but you exist,

From an endless parallel You joined the lines of Cause and Will,

Creating life from out of the abyss.


You alone have been where time itself cannot survive,

And I long to see beyond the edge of space,

I’d like to look at Heaven through the vision in your eyes,

Or look upon the wisdom on your face.


When did you decide that it was time to cut the key,

That unlocked all the darkness to the light?

Did you breathe upon some spark floating through infinity,

To set the skies on fire in the night?


There are birds with eyes of fire lighting diamonds in the sky,

As the blaze above continues to expand,

With ever changing hues in reds and greens and blues,

In perfection from the Artist’s gentle hand.


I am mortal. Life will end, but I shall live to live again,

If I am favored whatsoever in your sight,

Give me time enough to live to enjoy the gifts you give,

And finally, let me shine within your light.


Let my shadow fly through your vast and endless sky,

That I might see the future and the past,

And when this captive life is through, I will come to realize

That my spirit and my soul are free at last.

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