Improv as a Way of Life

IMPROV IS CREATIVITY ENERGIZED BY CONSTRAINT   By Paul Richardson   Winston Churchill was chided for ending a sentence with a preposition. His answer? “That is the sort of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put.” Oh my goodness! Now there’s a brain that moves like a Ferrari from 0-60 in 1.2 seconds. How on earth …

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The Truth Will Set You Free to Improvise

Today is Sunday, my day of REST. So its time to have some fun and think about something unusual, out of my normal life pattern. Rarely do I get to listen to some of history’s greatest creative prodigies talk freely about the creative process. This interview with Bill Evans (1929-1980) is worth watching. He was a brilliant and innovative jazz pianist, and one of the most influential creative forces in the history of jazz. His insights into the creative process extend way beyond music. In this video he is talking about jazz technique, but I’m thinking about my life, relationships and work. Notice his persistent idea that the jazz innovation emerges from truth. Here, an artist talks about truth in the realm of music much in the same way that a theologian talks about truth in theology. To me that’s