Sustaining Movements

Spiritual transformation ain’t easy. Getting people to a deeper level of spiritual maturity take a tremendous amount of long term commitment. Listen as Paul Richardson and Mike O’Quin talk about reaching children with the Gospel and raising them up as leaders. Using his experience in Papua as a backdrop, Paul makes the case that creating …

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A Lady of Legacy

Listen to Paul and Mike talk about one of their heroes, a fiery little lady named Lillian Dickson who poured out her life for the tribal peoples of Taiwan. They touch on her legacy, how she founded Mustard Seed International in the 1950's, and some modern MSI heroes. Click below to listen or search for …

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Good Interview with Paul

Hey Faith Activating Friends! Follow this link to read a great interview with my good buddy and co-blogger Paul Richardson, on his work, ministry and challenges in Southeast Asia: Enjoy! — Mike O

Relief and Redemption

Eight-year-old Dika twists around in his wheel chair, trying to hold his head up enough to get a good look at us.  He smiles.   By the look of the bumpy roads our team traveled to get to his house, I don’t think his wheelchair ever leaves the front porch.  He pretty much stays put …

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How to Live Before You Die

THIS WEEK OVER FOUR HUNDRED children and youth from around our city converged on our school Charis. And so, a new academic year begins. Over 400 stories being created in the fusion of our CREATOR, his creativity, and his creation. Every sentence spoken, every kick of a ball, every conversation, and warm greeting another stroke of holy ink scrolled across the Creator’s canvas.