Sustaining Movements

Spiritual transformation ain’t easy. Getting people to a deeper level of spiritual maturity take a tremendous amount of long term commitment. Listen as Paul Richardson and Mike O’Quin talk about reaching children with the Gospel and raising them up as leaders. Using his experience in Papua as a backdrop, Paul makes the case that creating …

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Adrenaline Rush

By Faith Wilson   I stared up the towering wall of limestone before me. The thought of scaling it was daunting. I watched in awe as person after person in front of me carefully clung to seemingly invisible nooks and crannies that allowed them to slowly and steadily ascend the vertical mass.   It was …

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More Than All We Ask or Imagine

A decade ago, God moved in my heart to see Indonesian believers transformed in His love, equipped to be leaders, and empowered to become a force of influence for His Kingdom. From the beginning, the dream was to launch a school that would gift the world with world-changers. This school would become a laboratory where …

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Good Interview with Paul

Hey Faith Activating Friends! Follow this link to read a great interview with my good buddy and co-blogger Paul Richardson, on his work, ministry and challenges in Southeast Asia: Enjoy! — Mike O

The Fury of Faith

I have a heart friend named David Arcos. Every time we’re together, this one-of-a-kind worshipper of God makes my heart sing. He helps me to celebrate the creative spirit, and he inspires me with his passion to serve orphans in Zambia. David is attempting to do the impossible. He lives with a God-sized dream of …

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Relief and Redemption

Eight-year-old Dika twists around in his wheel chair, trying to hold his head up enough to get a good look at us.  He smiles.   By the look of the bumpy roads our team traveled to get to his house, I don’t think his wheelchair ever leaves the front porch.  He pretty much stays put …

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Storm Chasers

FLAGSTAFF, AZ. Someday when my hands are trembling so that I can’t even manage to wipe the drool off my chin, and I am left alone with nothing but my memories, I will know that my life moved no further than the summation of my dreams.   My life’s work has given me a chance …

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I Refuse to Give Up Hope!

MY NAME IS RUTH. I am in the 11th grade and will graduate next year. I want to share with you my story, and describe how our challenges shape our character and fill us with the strength to persevere. I am convinced that in Jesus there is always hope. With God, nothing is impossible.

Let Me Tell You a Story

From the time my children were very small, they begged me to tell stories. No matter what story I conjured up, nor how improbable the events in my stories, Katie, Josiah and Stephen were enraptured. My stories rarely had much of a plot. They went nowhere. They were created spontaneously. But my kids clung to every word. Why?

How to Skip Stones

By Paul Richardson
To me, wine tastes about as delicious as gasoline. Yet, having been a waiter for six years, I understand the wine drinking ethos. Most folks who order a glass of wine with dinner are simply casual wine drinkers. Their motivation is to impress their dinner companions, and they really don’t have a clue as to whether they are drinking something exquisite or worthless.
Some rare people, though, don’t just casually drink wine. They are actual connoisseurs. Now, I must point out that you should not be allowed to say the word connoisseur unless you can pronounce it with a French accent, which counts me out. Wine snobs … I mean, connoisseurs, don’t just put wine in their mouths and guzzle it down like a dog standing over its dish. For wine connoisseurs, drinking wine is really more of an experience.
Skipping stones is sort of like this.